How to Read the Constitution–and Why

Harper Paperbacks #ad - In compelling terms and including text from the united states constitution,  she describes how the Constitution’s protections are eroding—not only in express terms but by virtue of the many legal and social norms that no longer shore up its legitimacy—and why every American needs to heed to this “red flag” moment in our democracy.

This invaluable—and timely—resource includes the constitution in its entirety and covers nearly every significant aspect of the text, to what it means to have individual rights—including free speech, the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to bear arms,  from the powers of the President and how the three branches of government are designed to hold each other accountable, and the right to an abortion.

How to Read the Constitution--and Why #ad - A must-read for this era. Jake tapper, and perennially relevant handbook that lays out in common sense language how the United States Constitution works, urgent, CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent An insightful, and how its protections are eroding before our eyes—essential reading for anyone who wants to understand and parse the constantly breaking news about the backbone of American government.

The constitution is the most significant document in America. Finally, if we don’t step in to protect it now, the book explains why it has never been more important than now for all Americans to know how our Constitution works—and why, we could lose its protections forever. How to read the constitution--and why is essential reading for anyone who cares about maintaining an accountable government and the individual freedoms that the Constitution enshrines for everyone in America—regardless of political party.

But do you fully understand what this valuable document means to you? In How to Read the Constitution--and Why, simple, legal expert and educator Kimberly Wehle spells out in clear, and common sense terms what is in the Constitution, and most importantly, what it means.


The Know Your Bill of Rights Book: Don't Lose Your Constitutional Rights--Learn Them!

Oculus Publishers, Inc. #ad - Learn them. Scroll up and click the "buy" button now, learn your God-given rights, and together, we can keep the spirit of freedom alive in this great nation. Don’t lose them. National bestseller! over 50, 000 copies sold!have you ever had trouble understanding the united states bill of rights?have you ever wondered what was really meant by one or more of the ten amendments, including the second amendment?Have you ever been unsure as to how these rights should apply to modern society?Have you even questioned if the Bill of Rights should still be held as inviolable law, nearly 230 years after its writing?Let’s face it…The Bill of Rights is very hard to understand if you just pick it up and give it a read.

The eloquent style in which it was written can be confusing. There’s a lot of legal terminology that’s beyond most of us. And without the right historical background, importance, it’s impossible to fully understand the meaning, and scope of several of the amendments and especially the second amendment.

Furthermore, there are countless politicians and mainstream pundits that want to interpret our rights for us and tell us what the Founders meant, making it even harder to know what to believe. But are you comfortable letting crooked baby-kissers and propagandists decide what your rights are? Or would you rather discover them for yourself?In other words, and your fellow Americans?If you’re like millions of other Americans, your family, would you rather know and insist on the exact freedoms our Founders intended for you, your answer to that question is YES, your friends, and this book is for you.

The Know Your Bill of Rights Book: Don't Lose Your Constitutional Rights--Learn Them! #ad - It will help you quickly and easily reach a deep understanding of the Bill of Rights by…Walking you through each amendment, clarifying the precise definitions of key words, so you understand exactly what the Founders wanted you to know. Providing you with the key historical context you need to fully grasp and spirit and importance of the amendments, so you understand how they apply to our 21st century society.


How Democracies Die

Broadway Books #ad - It is nonpartisan. New york times bestseller • “comprehensive, enlightening, and terrifyingly timely. The new york times book review editors' choicewinner of the goldsmith book prize • shortlisted for the lionel gelber prize • named one of the best books of the year by the washington post • time • foreign affairs • wbur • pastedonald Trump’s presidency has raised a question that many of us never thought we’d be asking: Is our democracy in danger? Harvard professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt have spent more than twenty years studying the breakdown of democracies in Europe and Latin America, and they believe the answer is yes.

The bad news is that, by electing Trump, we have already passed the first one. It is deeply rooted in history. The best commentary on our politics, no contest. Michael morrell, former acting director of the central Intelligence Agency via Twitter“A smart and deeply informed book about the ways in which democracy is being undermined in dozens of countries around the world, and in ways that are perfectly legal.

How Democracies Die #ad - Fareed zakaria,  CNN. Steven levitsky and daniel Ziblatt, two of the most respected scholars in the field of democracy studies, offer just that. The washington post“where levitsky and ziblatt make their mark is in weaving together political science and historical analysis of both domestic and international democratic crises; in doing so, they expand the conversation beyond Trump and before him, to other countries and to the deep structure of American democracy and politics.

Ezra klein,  vox“if you only read one book for the rest of the year, read How Democracies Die.


Our Republican Constitution: Securing the Liberty and Sovereignty of We the People

Broadside e-books #ad - Yet soon thereafter, progressive academics and activists urged the courts to remake our Republican Constitution into a democratic one by ignoring key passes of its text. Barnett tells the fascinating story of how this debate arose shortly after the Revolution, leading to the adoption of a new and innovative “republican” constitution; and how the struggle over slavery led to its completion by a newly formed Republican Party.

A concise history of the long struggle between two fundamentally opposing constitutional traditions, from one of the nation’s leading constitutional scholars—a manifesto for renewing our constitutional republic. The constitution of the United States begins with the words: “We the People. But from the earliest days of the american republic, there have been two competing notions of “the People, ” which lead to two very different visions of the Constitution.

Our Republican Constitution: Securing the Liberty and Sovereignty of We the People #ad - Those who view “we the people” collectively think popular sovereignty resides in the people as a group, which leads them to favor a “democratic” constitution that allows the “will of the people” to be expressed by majority rule. In contrast, ” each and every one, those who think popular sovereignty resides in the people as individuals contend that a “republican” constitution is needed to secure the pre-existing inalienable rights of “We the People, against abuses by the majority.

In our republican Constitution, renowned legal scholar Randy E. Eventually, the courts complied. Drawing from his deep knowledge of constitutional law and history, barnett explains why “We the People” would greatly benefit from the renewal of our Republican Constitution, as well as his experience litigating on behalf of medical marijuana and against Obamacare, and how this can be accomplished in the courts and the political arena.


The U.S. Constitution: Explained for Every American

Vintage #ad - Thoughtful and nuanced, lively and highly readable, this annotated Constitution is for all of us to read and refer to—the ultimate political fact-checking source for every American. In this indispensable edition, impact, acclaimed historian and Constitutional expert Ray Raphael guides us through the origins, and current relevance of the original text and all twenty-seven amendments.

Setting forth the workings of our democracy, policing, civil liberties, voting rights, gun ownership, taxation, it is the bedrock document from which we derive our policies on topics as diverse and galvanizing as immigration, and war. Here is the key historical context for issues in the news today—from the Electoral College to Washington gridlock, from peaceful protests to executive power.

The U.S. Constitution: Explained for Every American #ad - Politicians come and go, but the Constitution stands as the supreme law of the land.


How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Constitution of the United States Freedom in America Book 1

Izzard Ink Publishing #ad - Millions of americans want a deeper understanding of their country’s founding principles and don’t know where to start. Have you ever wanted to read the constitution and the declaration of Independence and really understand what they’re saying? Learn how they impact your life; your rights and freedoms? How the branches of government were formed, and why?You’re not alone.

. Using visual tools, and several valuable memory aids, exercises, this book will help you:•Master the Constitution’s seven articles and the twenty-seven important rights named in the Bill of Rights. Navigate the declaration’s five power statements on freedom and unlock their eighteenth-century phrases with a convenient glossary.

Discover how the Constitution’s guiding principles protect human rights. And so much more. Thousands of books describe the origins of these famous documents, but only How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence gives you a path to truly understanding them. When the constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written by our founders over two centuries ago, they were designed to endure.

How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Constitution of the United States Freedom in America Book 1 #ad - And indeed they’ve remained, as paul Skousen writes, “the most amazing freedom formula ever invented”—but navigating eighteenth-century legal language can be challenging. Recognizing this problem, skousen provides an easy, step-by-step guide that will forever change the way you think about your country and your freedoms.


Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump

William Morrow #ad - Equally challenging and profound, twilight of american sanity “joins a small shelf of essential titles—Arlie Hochschild’s Strangers in Their Own Land is another—that help explain why and how the Trump presidency happened” Kirkus. It is comforting to see president Donald Trump as a crazy man, a one-off, an exception—not a reflection on us or our democracy.

What does it say about us, that we elected someone so manifestly unfit and unprepared to determine mankind’s future? Trump is a symptom of a world in distress, not its sole cause. But in ways i never anticipated, his rise was absolutely predictable and a mirror on our soul. Calling trump crazy allows us to avoid confronting the craziness in our society—if we want to get sane, we must first gain insight about ourselves.

Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump #ad - Unravels the national psyche that brought our politics to this moment. Evan osnos, the new yorkera landmark book, from “one of the world’s most prominent psychiatrists” The Atlantic: Allen Frances analyzes the nation, viewing the rise of Donald J. Simply put: trump isn’t crazy, but our society is.

Widely cited in recent months as the man who quite literally wrote the diagnostic criteria for narcissism, Allen Frances, M. D. Has been at the center of the debate surrounding president trump’s mental state—quoted in evan Osnos’s May 2017 New Yorker article “How Trump Could Get Fired” and publishing a much-shared opinion letter in the New York Times “An Eminent Psychiatrist Demurs on Trump’s Mental State”.

Trump as darkly symptomatic of a deeper societal distress that must be understood if we are to move forward.


The Swastika and Symbols of Hate: Extremist Iconography Today

Allworth #ad - If you want to know what the logo for hate looks like, go no further. A skilled propagandist, banners, Hitler and his accomplices understood how to stoke fear through mass media and through emblems, and uniforms. Forces even the most sophisticated to rethink and rework their ideas of how images work in the world.

School library journal this is a classic story, even today, revised and expanded edition about how one graphic symbol can endure and influence life—for good and evil—for generations and never, masterfully told, in a new, be redeemed. The nazi swastika is a visual obscenity and provokes deep emotions on all sides.

The Swastika and Symbols of Hate: Extremist Iconography Today #ad - Readers will be fascinated by the twists and turns of the swastika’s fortunes, to its contemporary applications as both a racist, from its pre-Nazi spiritual-religious and benign commercial uses, to the Nazi appropriation and criminalization of the form, hate-filled logo and ignorantly hip identity.

A nuanced examination of the most powerful symbol ever created, The Swastika and Symbols of Hate explores the rise and fall of the symbol, its mysteries, co-option, and misunderstandings. Given the increasing tolerance for supremacist intolerance tacitly and overtly shown by politicians the world over, this revised and reconfigured edition includes additional material on old and new hate logos as it examines graphic design’s role in far-right extremist ideology today.

The nazis weaponized this design, first as a party emblem, then as a sign of national pride and, ultimately, as the trademark of Adolf Hitler’s unremitting malevolence in the name of national superiority. Once the mark of good fortune, during the twentieth century it was hijacked and perverted, twisted into the graphic embodiment of intolerance.

Many contemporary hate marks are rooted in Nazi iconography both as serious homage and sarcastic digital bots and trolls.


American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People's History of Fake News-From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror

Skyhorse #ad - Is a force for good in the world, regardless of slavery, the genocide of indigenous people, and the more than a century’s worth of imperialist war that the U. S. Empire is the news of American exceptionalism and American innocence. What is ironic is that fake news has indeed been the only news disseminated by the rulers of U.

S. Empire. From american exceptionalism and american innocenceaccording to robert sirvent and danny Haiphong, that we don’t live on stolen land, that prisons keep us safe, that wars are fought to spread freedom and democracy, that a rising tide lifts all boats, Americans have been exposed to fake news throughout our history—news that slavery is a thing of the past, and that the police serve and protect.

American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People's History of Fake News-From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror #ad - Thus, the only “news” ever reported by various channels of U. S. And, as this book will hopefully show, it’s all fake. Did the U. S. Foreign policy, how angelina jolie and Bill Gates engage in humanitarian imperialism, and why the Broadway musical Hamilton is a monument to white supremacy. Really “save the world” in world war ii? should black athletes stop protesting and show more gratitude for what America has done for them? Are wars fought to spread freedom and democracy? Or is this all fake news?American Exceptionalism and American Innocence examines the stories we’re told that lead us to think that the U.


Audacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy That Will Prevail

Custom House #ad - Yet chait convincingly shows that president obama has accomplished what candidate Obama said he would, despite overwhelming opposition—and that the hopes of those who voted for him have not been dashed despite the smokescreen of extremist propaganda and the limits of short-term perspective. Now, domestic reform, the environment, race, as the page turns to our next commander in Chief, digs deep into Obama’s record on major policy fronts—economics, Jonathan Chait, acclaimed as one of the most incisive and meticulous political commentators in America, foreign policy, health care, and civil rights—to demonstrate why history will judge our forty-fourth president as among the greatest in history.

. An unassailable case that, in the eyes of history, Barack Obama will be viewed as one of America’s best and most accomplished presidents. Over the course of eight years, Barack Obama has amassed an array of outstanding achievements. He has done all of this despite a left that frequently disdained him as a sellout, and a hysterical right that did everything possible to destroy his agenda even when they agreed with what he was doing.

Audacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy That Will Prevail #ad - His administration saved the american economy from collapse, helped craft a groundbreaking international climate accord, negotiated an historic nuclear deal with Iran, expanded health insurance to millions who previously could not afford it, reined in Wall Street and crafted a new vision of racial progress.

Audacity does not shy away from Obama’s failures, most notably in foreign policy.


Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect

Skyhorse #ad - West puts his debunking techniques and best practices to the test with four of the most popular false conspiracy theories today Chemtrails, False Flags, 9/11 Controlled Demolition, and Flat Earth -- providing road maps to help you to understand your friend and help them escape the rabbit hole. Mick west shares the knowledge and experience he's accumulated debunking false conspiracy theories, and offers a practical guide to helping friends and loved ones recognize these theories for what they really are.

The earth is flat, planes are spraying poison to control the weather, the World Trade Center collapse was a controlled demolition, and actors faked the Sandy Hook massacre. All these claims are bunk: falsehoods, and in some cases, mistakes, outright lies. But many people passionately believe one or more of these conspiracy theories.

Why is this, especially those closest to you, author mick west shares over a decade's worth of knowledge and experience investigating and debunking false conspiracy theories through his forum, and how can you help people, break free from the downward spiral of conspiracy thinking? In Escaping the Rabbit Hole, MetaBunk.

Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect #ad - Org, and sets forth a practical guide to helping friends and loved ones recognize these theories for what they really are. With sections on:the wide spectrum of conspiracy theoriesavoiding the "shill" labelpsychological factors and other complicationsand concluding with a look at the future of debunkingMick West has put forth a conclusive, well-researched, practical reference on why people fall down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and how you can help them escape.

Here is a conclusive, well-researched, practical reference on why people fall down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and how you can help them escape.